Marvel Superheroes

Season Finale

Versus Fuuten

  • Date: December 26th, 2012

The many battles against Fuuten‘s forces and assault against him come to an end when he pushes the heroes to far. The heroes assaulted Fuuten’s base after Fuuten, angry about no one coming to his Christmas Party blew up the city of Hartford, Connecticut. This lead our heroes to assemble a force of the mightiest of Earth’s heroes to assault the evil mastermind at the bottom of the Earth. The battle against Fuuten’s forces was nearly impossible. Many heroes sacrificed themselves to destroy Fuuten and they were successful. In a final battle, the heroes destroyed Fuuten thanks to the sacrifice of Emet who teleported Fuuten into the sun. Dr. Doom also followed through the portal trying to gain the power that Fuuten possessed. Fuuten had given his power to the robot Lanthanoid however. So, Doom escaped the sun leaving Fuuten and Emet to be destroyed in the inferno and returned to Earth.

After this climactic battle, things settled down for a short time. The heroes returned to their homes and settled back into their routines. Autopsy (having once again adopted his original identity) returned to Ireland and continued to work with the Gaelic Guardian and Seth. Celestya finished medical school and became a full time doctor in the place of the missing Tycho. Lanthanoid journeyed to Latveria and gave Doom omniscience. Eryn worked at his magical prowess while studying with Dr. Strange. Mercury went back to learn from Seth. Finally, The Humbler moved away from Dublin and settled down with Vainglory.


Go Emet! Epic win.

Season Finale

It was fun. I broke his neck… in the center of the Sun… to spite Doctor Doom.

Season Finale

Hahaha nice.

Season Finale

This was a great ending.

Season Finale

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