Marvel Superheroes

Pax Dublina

A Period of Calm

  • Date: September 2012

The heroes get some time to rest and recover from major world crisis and live a little of their lives. Bullseye returns with the help of the Rhino to torment Autopsy during his date with Felicia Hardy. It appears as though Autopsy’s secret identity has been exposed. Christmas plans with the family for Frank Bastion and Vinette Valentine. Tycho (Ertannu) gets his life back in order after his extended vacation in the Dark dimension. Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg) hosts a Christmas party and finds work as an archealogist in the US. Ralph Containe gets a tip about a robbery in San Francisco. He brings his sisters to help foil the crime. Eryn unbeknownst to either of them, Eryn is also in San Francisco observing the very object that was stolen. Also in this issue, Tycho overcomes his weakness to gold and Vinette and Frank’s relationship progresses.



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