Marvel Superheroes

Horrors in the Halls of a Mining Vessel

Vs. Horrors and the Final Leg of the Journey

  • 22 September – 13th October, 2015

The heroes step into the strange seemingly abandoned mining vessel. The heroes (Li-Rogg, Dialectic, and Scorpion) faced terror and nightmares made real in this latest adventure. As mentioned in the last adventure log, something was trapping ships in the space around the abandoned mining vessel. The heroes went to investigate the disturbance and place bombs into key points of the ship. However, the heroes found that the halls of the ship shifted and made no sense. They would travel from place to place and arrive in nonsensical locations. They planted their bombs in the center of the ship, but they decided to blow one bomb as a test when the readings from their sensors were showing it moving. They planted a second and after a trek through bleeding hallways and past skeletons being manipulated by intestine like worms, made their way to the engineering room.

Upon entering the room, they looked back and the former hallway had been replaced with a deep blackness. When they opened the doors, black arms of shadow reached for them and the terror that crept out of them damaged Scorpions psyche. They latched on to her and nearly pulled her into the doorway, but Dialetic was able to rescue her. After exploring the engineering room for a few moments, they decided to open the door on the far side, but a similar set of black hands shot out and were able to grab a hold of Scorpion once more and again, nearly dragged her away. Dialectic was able to rescue her again, but the Psyche damage was so great at this point, that she was nearly insane. When Scorpion was dragged into the portal the second time, she glimpsed some terrible dark cloaked stranger who was approaching her.

The two heroes were eventually able to escape the room but were separated when they were attacked again and Scorpion was taken by one of the creatures briefly. She escaped by blasting the monster and she tried to make her way back to Dialectic, but instead made her way to the flight deck where she planted the final bomb. Dialectic meanwhile made his way around the ship and rescued a SWORD soldier. Finally, the hero known as Harbinger entered the ship to look for his three missing companions. He was quickly lost in the ever changing structure. He was nearly taken by a set of black hands when Li-Rogg saved him. Li-Rogg and Harbinger journeyed into the ship. The other heroes come together fortuitously in front of a set of monstrous doors.

While the assembled heroes meet, the mentally weakened members of the group turn to run. The SHIELD Agent and Harbinger flee from the overwhelming sense of dread they feel. As they do, Harbinger runs into the outstretched arms, from the sickening human-like entity that has been pursuing the group. He releases his creatures from inside of his cloak and sends forth long massive arms of darkness to capture Harbinger. Harbinger dodges underneath them at the last second and then the monster releases a wave of dark blood that nearly engulfs Harbinger who slips into an alcove in the wall. Saved from the creature, the wall starts to devour him when Li-Rogg saves him again.

Returning to the group for safety, the heroes knock out the panicked SWORD agent who can not be reasoned with and enter the room. Inside is the flayed victims of some horrible ritual. Their chests cut open and their ribs pulled out to the sides. In the center of the room is some sort of ritual circle with a mass of guts and organs laid in the center. As the group steps further into the room, the terrible monster appears and attacks them. The group attacks the ritual hoping it would send away the monster, but the creature protected it. Then Harbinger released a blast of energy so great that it sent the monster reeling and forced it away. Harbinger collapses exhausted and hurt from the effort, but the heroes make the most of the time by destroying the weakened force field. As they move to attack the ritual, the monster returns, and attacks again. It’s minions and it hurt and rip at the heroes, but they are able to succeed and Li-Rogg destroys the ritual.Upon the destruction of the ritual, the creature is pulled back y monstrous arms into another dimension and the ship returns to normal.

The heroes say their good byes to the SWORD agents and head into the stars. The heroes make two stops on planets in far off galaxies. The first of which boasts nothing much in the way of adventures or anything much of interest to the heroes.


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