Marvel Superheroes

Getting Up

The First Moves

Our heroes find themselves still scattered around the globe. Tycho and Mach4 find themselves in China battling the Deviant army. In a show of “good sportsmanship”, and honor, the Deviants offer a single combatant ringed fight. Mach4 offers to take down whatever the Deviants can throw at him, and he ends up wetting himself a little when the Deviant’s champion steps into the ring…

The blows are traded back and forth with Mach4 and the massive clay like Deviant at nearly a stalemate, with Mach4 proving too quick-witted and agile for the Deviant to land anything, and Mach4 not successfully making a dent into the malleable clay body of the Deviant. Then the fortunes of the fight turn against Mach4 as the Deviant manages to grab onto him. Mach4 leaves little speckles of light on and in the Deviant as he uses a large exploding laser bubble to escape. With little time to go, Mach4 makes a desperate attempt by carefully aiming his light dagger and unleashing a devastating shot to the Deviant, missing horribly, and instead of hitting another Deviant instantly killing the bystander Deviant. With a snap the massive clay Deviant swings at Mach4. With a nimble sidestep, Mach4 narrowly manages to dodge the deadly blow. Mach4 feeling pretty good about his fight thus far, did not notice the other arm barring down on him. The Deviant’s massive sludge arm slams directly into Mach4’s back snapping his spine. In a sudden trigger of reflex, Mach4 with his last breath uttered, “I guess I wasn’t awesome enough,” and detonated his light daggers and splatters of light he had strategically placed all around. In the resulting chaos, a solitary organ and the charred broken remains of Mach4 were all that was left in the ring.

The leader of the Deviants declares a draw, and this time a massive four armed Deviant steps in to battle our heroes. It is Ms. Marvel who fights for the side of good. A bashing back and forth results in a slug-fest between the two powerhouse champions. With each side never really giving an inch. Ms. Marvel’s energy blasts only scorch the four-armed Deviant while his punches barely bruise her. A double-fisted slam into the Deviant’s gut seems to knock some of the wind out of him. He manages to get a solid backhand to Ms. Marvel. Followed by an uppercut. This only enrages Ms. Marvel who pulls herself out of the cave wall. Flying at high speeds to impale the four armed Deviant with her body tearing into him. The Deviant army meekly surrenders to the Avengers. The charred remains of Mach4 are taken back to be given a proper burial.

In Canada several Avengers have broken into the Master of the World’s base and are struggling to combat his base’s forces. Finally managing to bypass his security, and defeat the roaming alien wolves, mechanical tentacles, and impressive laser guns. The Avengers (including Autopsy, Jacob, and Celestya) come face to face with the mightyMaster of the World.

Autopsy takes the opportunity to reason with the Master, who takes this opportunity to summon more wolves. Including a super alien wolf (Actually totally normal) who apparently is the nemesis of Quicksilver. Celestya manages to rip a rock out of the 20 feet of steel and destroy both laser guns barring down on them. Silverclaw transforms into various South American animals while taking a couple of wolves out. Ms. Marvel flies around and seems to be extremely ineffective for being Ms. Marvel, but still manages to take out several of the wolves. Jacob only manages to supply the Master and wolves with a punching bag while tossing a couple of the wolves around. Autopsy too serves himself up as a punching bag to the Master and learns the wolves alien language while simultaneously insulting their mother. Jacob also manages to learn their language and tries to repair the damage done by Autopsy to no effect. After taking several chomps and slashes from the Master and his wolves, Jacob drops to the ground. The Master makes quick work of Celestya. Then follows by attacking Silverclaw who was strangling a wolf. Hank Pym moves to stabilize both of them and after a few seconds manages to get to both of the women. Quicksilver falls to the super (normal) dog.

This soon leaves Autopsy to deal with six wolves and the Master. He’s overwhelmed and the heroes are desperate. It comes down to Yellowjacket and Ms. Marvel. Yellowjacket moves to stabilize Autopsy, while Ms. Marvel takes several shots at the Master. The Master returns the blows to damaging effect. Ms. Marvel feeling the stress of the War bearing down on her, and, after getting cut take by the Master, she snaps. She swoops in grabbing the Master and rips him in half. (Actually stabs him in the chest with a spike) This is pretty brutal, but all of the good guys are nearly dead or unconscious, so they don’t really care.

The heroes move into space to confront Kang at his Damocles base. In what proves to be somewhat of a largely boneheaded move, this attack on Kang’s base apparently provokes Kang’s actual invasion (way to go Avengers). A large contingent of Avengers, and our heroes Tycho, Humbler, and Mr. Samadhi make way to Kang’s base. The only one to successfully reach Kang’s base is Tycho, and comes face to face with the tyrant himself. The staging base of the heroes is destroyed nearly killing Mr. Samadhi, Captain America, and several others while stranding them in space. The stranded heroes watch as a fleet of Sentinels arrive to attack Kang even though the Wasp had said it was a bad idea. Anyways, Kang appears in Holographic form and flaunts his sheer awesomeness of being a douche. He snaps his fingers and the Sentinels turn around. Now the heroes watch in terror, those that are conscious, as hologram-Kang and the Sentinels launch an invasion of Earth. Shiny energy beings come and rescue the stranded heroes.

A team of powerhouse Avengers (Thor & Hercules to name the least) including Mr. Virtue arrive in France to stop a massive invasion force of Kang….

What will our heroes do next? Tune in next time for the future adventures of heroes who fail at fighting villains who are weaker than them, but manage lucky strikes against villains who they shouldn’t beat!



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