Marvel Superheroes

Final Push

A Changed World

Date: December 6th, 2012

The heroes that were rescued from the first failed assault of Kang’s base manage to come too. They had been trapped for nearly a month inside a mysterious alien pyramid that hypnotized them and made them think everything was ok. The heroes broke free and took over the pyramid and sent it towards Kang’s base.

The heroes make an assault on Kang’s base with all of the resources they have gathered and all of the people they have left. The mysterious pyramid that Captain America has taken control of, the Master’s base, the remaining Avenger’s force, and any other heroes make the attack against Damocles. The heroes breach the shield, assault the base and take down the power source for the whole base. This causes Damocles to collapse. It lands on top of a small town in Maryland and destroys most of the city. Kang emerges from the rubble gives a short speech and fights the heroes of Ireland and Captain America.

The heroes defeat Kang and imprison him.The heroes want to kill Kang, but Captain America stops them. He says that the world needs justice. It doesn’t need a group of powerful individuals taking the law into their own hands. The whole world needs the closure that will come from Kang’s trial. Kang is imprisoned and on the day of his execution, the Scarlet Centurion saves him. Captain America and Tycho are guarding the place and chase after Kang. Tycho uses his powers to throw off the time jump, but Captain America gets split and lost into the time stream. Tycho confronts Kang, but this is a fight he knows he can’t win. Kang stands up and ignores Tycho. He confronts Scarlet Centurion and brandishes a weapon. The Scarlet Centurion turns to Tycho and prepares to battle him, but as he is about to speak Kang attacks. Tycho prepares to defend, but Kang stabs Scarlet Centurion. Delivering him a fatal wound that would soon kill him. Kang catches his son in his arms and sadly says “If I am to be free, Kang can not tolerate traitors in his camp. My son, I know that you helped the woman known as Carol Danvers, but I had hoped that you would learn from your folly and become a great ruler, a ruler I could be proud of. I had accepted my death, it was my time, but you could have been a great man. Many great men start their lives as traitors to their father. (Turns to Tycho) Leave me. We are done here.” Tycho decides to leave Kang stranded in the future knowing that his devices were wrecked and he was likely trapped imprisoned in time.



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