Marvel Superheroes

Danger in the Danger Room

Instructor Justice, Spider-Man, and Ms. Amazing in a Short Adventure

  • September 29th, 2015

Ms. Amazing and the other new students at the Cork Academy go through the last bit of their introductory tasks. Ms. Amazing, for example, chooses extracurriculars and starts going to classes. Ms. Amazing is encouraged to join the hero club at the school thanks to her reputation as the archrival of the Weather Master. Ms. Amazing refuses and tells on the other students heroic activities in Cork. Later during a training session with her squad, Danielle Moonstar sends Ms. Amazing into an individual training session for being disrespectful. However, the Danger Room robots are taken control and escape the Academy. The robots rush towards Cork and the instructors and the other students leap into action to keep them from the city. Bradford Blandon and Ms. Amazing follow the remainder of the robots to Cork where they team up with Spider-Man and fight the robots. As the robots make their way towards the cost they meet up with Flamestrike a new supervillain. She leads them towards the superhuman prison near the cost. She seems to be planning a jailbreak. Ms. Amazing turns and runs back to the Academy as the villain approaches the prison. Partly to get help and partly out of fear. Spider-man and Justice Instructor are able to defeat the villain and wrap up the final of the robots.



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