Marvel Superheroes


Enter The Avengers

Avengers responded to the global crisis of rogue superhumans toppling the Soviet Union. As the Quinjet lands and they exit, they give Hyperion and his team one last chance to surrender. They refuse, and a battle for all ages begins. The Avengers battle their hardest but can not defeat the Squadron Sinister. The two forces battle and in the end, all but one of the Avengers must face off against the remaining Squadron Sinister members. It is the Mighty Thor having already defeated Hyperion, must face Freda, Man O’ War, Pulse, and Power Princess. The battle is fierce and quickly going towards the Squadron Sinister until Pulse threatens to kill Captain America, and then the rest of the Avengers. This infuriates Thor and he destroys Man O’ War, kills Pulse, Knocks out Power Princess, and takes Freda back to Asgard to receive her punishment from Odin which is decided as execution.



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