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The Ram Ate his Ham

  • March 13th – April 9th 2016

Stuff happened. London is a police state with an enormous police and SHIELD presence. The gangs have gone underground. Tempest, Dr. Rackete, and Magnetite are in town for various reasons.

The fallout of the Mandroid heist. Including the partial return of some of the Mandroid suits. Thanks to a back-up plan put in place by the police and Stark Industries. Count Nefaria has left for other locations Started investigating the gangs.

The heroes beat up the Ram. He proved to be surprisingly difficult.

Firecat robs the remnants of the Castra Nostra and practices her powers. The whole heist goes off really well and she doesn’t even get shot.

Mr. Righteous is on Excalibur, He interacts some with the heroes there while still protecting Battersea. He makes a point of demontrating his reading ability.

Discovery and frustrations in investigations. B.C. infiltrates the Triads and when he takes his chance to capture the lieutenants, but it is a miserable failure.

Miranda Prospero’s hunt for her father. Frank Prospero, real name Franco Prospero. He turned out to be a member of the Castra Nostra who tried to get out of the life. Throws her real name around and her superpowers around along with her backstory. Resulting in the Maggia threatening to kill her family unless she worked for them. She contacted B.C., but got cold feet and decided not to let him on it. B.C. ended up arrested when he assaulted the manager

Wyvern/Firecat/Nadia/Scorpion finds out about the man that rescued her. He was a doctor that her mother knew. Dr. Otto Gunther an American nuclear scientist.

Ninjas blackmail Miranda into killing a man. Powerful ninjas with names and unique costumes. She kills him, he’s a member of the Turkish Firm. One of their lieutenants.

BC and Mirdana go to jail. B.C. goes to jail to try to protect Miranda from the threats. Miranda for killing a man. She kills a higher up in the Turkish firm on the Maggia’s command. Miranda starts to think about ratting out the Maggia and their forces, but her lawyer is killed and the prisoners are send ominous messages that they do not remember.

BC gets out of jail when his case goes forward and when the police find out that the manager is a member of the Maggia.

The heroes wipe out the Acolytes with the police. Though Ankrah escapes. A fight with Dragon King occurs.


I feel like I’m missing some pieces on this Jackson/Miranda duo.

Looks like things are calming down a smidge.

Big Brother's Watching

New heroes joined for the first time. This was a really brief version that needs updating, but I didn’t get around to it.

Big Brother's Watching

Ok I figured as much, just didn’t see her anywhere but I am excited to get caught up.

Big Brother's Watching

Ok, I updated it some. It should be mostly accurate. It could use a better write up, but I’ve got other things to do.

Big Brother's Watching

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