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Battle with the Super Skrull

Dual on Bela

The heroes had just left Bela when a Skrull fleet entered into the system. The heroes, included a seriously wounded Dr. Tomorrow, man their battle stations and try to come up with a plan. They decided to make a run for it, but as they approached the warp gate, the Skrull had it shut down. Deciding that they had no other choice, they made for Bela once more and made an illegal landing in one of its lakes. They abandoned The Visitor there. (I like our ship. This made me sad.) Then set out to hide from their pursuers on the planet’s surface. Evading the Skrull and Belanese patrols for days, they were confident they could wait it out till the search wore off until the Skrulls started transmitting a dreadful message. The Skrulls said "We have your Quonian companion. (Rasq who split ways on this planet.) If you do not turn yourselves in we will execute him in the city tomorrow." Heroes being heroes decided that they could not leave one of their own to die. So, they hatched a clever plan.

Actually, The Question came up with the plan after Dr. Tomorrow, Li-Rogg, and Dialectic decided to turn themselves in to see if they could save Rasq. As they decided to turn themselves in, The Question creepily asked them to get some hair, skin or blood from the Skrull that captures them. He doesn’t explain why, but he promises that it will help. So, they turn themselves in and are captured after Li-Rogg scuffles momentarily with a Skrull captain. The fight lasts only a second and they are taken away, but left on the soil of Bela is some of the Skrull’s blood from li-Rogg’s punch. The Question takes this and makes a doll out of some grasses and other materials that looks vaguely like a Skrull then he is able to see, control, and read the thoughts of the Skrull captain that has captured three of our heroes. So, they watch as they are taken into the city and paraded through the city to where the Skrull’s wait.

Inside the building there is about 20 Skrulls and the admiral of the ships that had caught them. The admiral’s name is Pankor and he is a Super Skrull. Pankor walks up to the heroes and lists their numerous crimes against the Skrull Empire. He ends the list with their connection to the monstrous invasions and influx of other dimensions into Skrull territory. The heroes have no idea what he’s talking about and Pankor proceeds to tell them that after being picked up as slaves on Earth, a demon killed the crew of the slave ship they were on and had to be taken down by the military. After they left the Kral system, it was destroyed by an influx from other dimensions. Many other locations that they had passed through have also been wiped out. As well as at other locations throughout the empire. To make the evidence stacked even further against them, the Skrull ships and pilots recorded/saw the evidence of a dimensional rupture when they were on Earth. Having no clue about any of this, they deny the charges and say they have no clue what Pankor is talking about. Pankor doesn’t believe them and is about to injure Dr. Tomorrow when Li-Rogg volunteers information.

Li-Rogg tells the Skrull admiral that it the dimensional ruptures are caused by instabilities in the universe. That they are happening in many places and that he doesn’t think they have any connection to Earth or the humans. Li-Rogg, further, says that they were working on resolving the problem. Pankor questions that all of the evidence and connections to Earth were just convenient happenstance. Li-Rogg assures him of the truth. Though Pankor comes to accept Li-Rogg’s answer, he finds that the crew is still Skrull criminals from the Skrull Empire and without any control over the plague that is afflicting their territory, they are to be killed for their crimes. At this point, realizing the dangerous situation that they are in, Dr. Tomorrow tries to bluff the Skrull commander. He tells the Skrull admiral that if he attempts to kill them, Dr. Tomorrow will unleash more dimensional ruptures. Pankor doesn’t take the bait, though it does cast suspicion onto Li-Rogg’s words, and intends to execute them beginning with Dr. Tomorrow. At this point, The Question makes his move with his mind controlled Skrull captain.

As the Skrull captain starts to release the prisoners inexplicably in front of his commanding officer and the other Skrull soldiers, Pankor commands him to stop and asks what he’s doing. The Skrull captain does not answer so Pankor has him shot. He’s able to release Li-Rogg, however. Li-Rogg frees the others and Mona T’zara and The Question teleport into the scene. A tremendous battle occurs between the two groups. Pankor is incredibly powerful and has a host of powers including the ability to create and manipulate ice. The Skrulls are also well-trained and battle with a sense of tactics. The battle is difficult and it comes down to Dialectic and a gravely injured Dr. Tomorrow battling Pankor. The two heroes, on the verge of death, are able to defeat him. They decidde to flee the scene quickly because the Belanese are likely on their way. The heroes decide to trade Admiral Pankor in exchange for their ship and flee the planet. Having decided this they take one of the Skrull’s vehicles and take off into atmosphere.


Journal Entries that go with this Adventure Log:

Dr. Tomorrow

The Question

Battle with the Super Skrull

“The Question creepily asked them to get some hair, skin or blood”

lol. Creepy is in the eye of the beholder… which is why i asked for his eye.. not blood. anyway it was a fun game session. Is this the complete entry or is the battle going to be uploaded as well?

Battle with the Super Skrull

Still working on it. I’d say we have one paragraph left.

Battle with the Super Skrull

I didn’t realize we’d actually gotten into a Skrull ship and taken off. Somehow, I’d processed it in my mind as a land vehicle.

Battle with the Super Skrull

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