Marvel Superheroes

A Victory and a Moment of Respite

Officer Brent, the Secret Hero of London Strikes Again

  • November 4th-November 21st, 2016

The heroes return to Excalibur tower and find a group of heroes sitting in for them. The replacements mostly have many other responsibilities and were temporary hires until a more permanent team could be assigned they leave quickly.

The heroes reorganize their lives. They meet families and friends.

Excalibur meets multiple times. They discuss threats when the police and information officer come to debrief them. After the debriefing, they are attacked by Adam Jenson, Wyvern, and Harbinger. They win.

Adam Jenson in Seth’s domain frees Ankrah, but is killed by Seth’s powers.

Back on Earth, the heroes meet again and wait for Excalibur HQ to be rebuilt. They reorganize the team and BC becomes the team leader. Begrudgingly.

While each is out on patrol they run into their own separate issues. Daybreak faces off against Dragonfly without her costume. BC faces off against a statue person called AD who claims to be his wife. Captain Righteous faces off against the crazed Battersea Bomber. The plots are foiled, except Dragonfly who steals the cash, but the villains all escape.


Journals that go with this entry:


Captain Righteous

A Victory and a Moment of Respite

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