Marvel Superheroes

A Single Candle's Light is Doused

The Death of Wyvern and the Big Entrance of London's Underbelly

We enter a new era in our stories. The beginning of an organized crime arc. The story begins with some technical issues while we try to get our guest star, Deutschvernugen, up on Skype to play the hero Corvid. It works and Corvid and Silver Syren quickly stumble into a veritable invasion by an unknown force. The criminals are attacking the police armory and have a well established plan, a supervillain, and ered armored suits. The battle is deadly with the death of a police officer and the deaths of at least 12 criminals. After a long battle, where they learn that the supervillain is just a lieutenant and that the power armors are controlled by Warframe operatives, the police armory is destroyed which will severely weaken London police forces for the immediate future. BC is able to intimidate a grunt who tells him, while Corvid slinks off into the night, that the group was hired by the Castra Nostra and tells BC the Castra Nostras territories. The heroes plan their next move.

There is division amongst the ranks of the heroes as Silver Syren returns to the police force. Adam Jenson and BC want to investigate before the Castra Nostras trail gets cold, Wyvern wants to rest since the group has been badly wounded. So, they split up. AJ and BC find a warehouse that is servicng as a Castra Nostra hideout and after some terrible advice from Adam, BC stands in front of the front of the warehouse on stakeout. Fighting quickly ensues and Wyvern hears the gunshots via BCs communicator call. She rushes to the scene. Before she arrives, BC and Adam Jenson take down the minor crooks and investigate the warehouse. The warehouse turns out to be nearly empty, but two lieutenants and Big the boss of the Castra Nostra meet them. The fight quickly goes South on account of their bad shape and Wyvern goes down and BC is wounded. BC rushes the wounded and unconscious Wyvern away, but through some teleportation swap with a clone, Big is able to follow them and attempt to make good on the promise to kill Wyvern if they didn’t surrender. Wyvern is mortally wounded in the confrontation before BC escapes again when Big follows them to the hospital.

The fight continues on the roof of the hospital between Big and BC while inside the hospital Wyvern struggles for her life. While this fight is going on, Adam Jenson is back at the warehouse fighting a desperate and losing battle against the two lieutenants. Silver Syren is called in and that begins to turn the tide, but more before Adam Jenson goes down. He is also severely wounded and in Need of medical attention, but before he was defeated, he was able to take down a lieutenant. Silver Syren faces down the last one and is doing decently, but is racing the clock to try to save Adam. It seems as though time will run out for Adam and so Silver Syren overrides her suit draining her battery and blasting the lieutenant, but it isn’t enough!

Back on the roof of the hospital, two Mandroids have joined BC in fighting Big. They’re defeated and BC cals for backup from Eryn and Captain Britain. This prompts Big to take one final attack who h drops BC, but he heroically hangs in while Big escapes. Eryn appears and goes to check on Wyvern while Captain Britain is sent back to the warehouse. In the warehouse, Captain Britain arrives while Silver Syren has just expended her energy and swoops in grabbing both Silver Syren and the nearly dead Adam and taking them to the hospital. At the hospital, Wyvern is rushed to surgery where she is taken to the operating table of one Dr. Lucy Maxwell and in a full circle kind of way, this time, Dr. Maxwell is unable to save her adopted daughter and Wyvern dies on the table. Dr. Maxwell has no time to grieve for she instantly goes to operate on Adam Jenson and saves him from the brink of death.


Journal Entries that go with this recap:


A Single Candle's Light is Doused

This particular sessions was rough. Wyvern almost dies on the roof of the armory…heroic save. Then gets taken out by Big with the truck and almost dies. Heroic save. Beat down again by the lieutenant with a boot to the head…dying. Whisked off by BC is stabilized. Punched through the chest and dying. Blasted to the hospital by BC and taken to the ER. Makes her save but Dr. Maxwell loses her’s. As her spirit is leaving her body Eryn arrives IN TIME…to watch her spirit floating away…

A Single Candle's Light is Doused

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