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A Rampage Unleashed

Norway Will Never be the Same! (until next week)

  • Date: September 30th, 2012

There is relative peace in quiet. Autopsy is still investigating the potential hit on him, and The Humbler is still concerned about the transformation of Vainglory, but overall things are well. The archaeological feud between the equally famous Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg) and [cue music] Dr. Henry Jones. Dr. Shen Di and Celestya continue their medical practice. Geoff “David” Black aka Mercury has finally gotten over the death of his mentor Jacob Taylor and is nearing completion of his MBA.

cue music

Through various means the heroes gather to address a rampaging Hulk in Norway! With Norwegian armed forces suffering casualties the European Union sanctioned super team arrives on the scene to put a stop to the Hulk, with..little effect. Then arrive the Knights in shining armor of Dublin! Starring: The Humbler, AutoAutopsy, Tycho (Ertannu), Vainglory, Stellianos Hadjiyannis, and a random guy: Mercury. Autopsy and Mercury move to assess the situation, while Humbler, Tycho, and Vainglory make attempts to subdue the Hulk. They have slightly more success than the EU Team. Autopsy moves to try to remove the Hulk from the situation with surprising success tossing him miles out of the city. A moment to breathe the heroes try to figure out what to do next, because the Hulk likely is rampaging for a reason and has been aggravated by the Norweigians and the EU Team. Before anything can be established the Hulk comes crashing back into the fight with devastating force, because he’s the Hulk. The focal point of his attack was Autopsy which sends the unexpecting hero down into the Earth. Not wanting to let things go further, Mercury shoots enough sedative to put the Hulk down. Several moments pass with the heroes conversing with Mercury meekly suggesting that someone, perferably with elemental based, or defensive resistance powers, and the strength to pull Autopsy quickly out of the massive hole cough Humbler/Vainglory cough, and then someone with actual medical training to attend to him. After a few more moments pass, Stellianos assembles an emergency medical stations in the back of the heroes jet, while Tycho and Mercury try to save the dying Autopsy’s life. With Autopsy teetering on the edge of life, Tycho and Mercury barely manage to stabilize their dying comrade and through an enhanced version of the ATP drug created by Mercury Industries they are able to keep him from falling off the cliff of life.

“The Hulk was only a precursor to the coming trials ahead.”

Authored by: Deutschvergnugen


Thanks for writing this Deutschvergnugen!

A Rampage Unleashed

Of course. I just re-skimmed it…haha

A Rampage Unleashed

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