Marvel Superheroes

A Final Confrontation

The Life of Autopsy

  • October 8th, 2015

Autopsy has just recently defeated Orka and has the powerful villain Orka captured. Autopsy forces Orka awake and talks to him. He tries to convince Orka to change his ways and stop being villainous. Orka and Autopsy talk about why they use their powers and motivations for their actions. Autopsy is somewhat confused and finds Orka’s arguments surprisingly convincing and Orka escapes from Autopsy fleeing back into the sea. On the way back to his building and workplace, Autopsy notices the neighbor woman who had contacted Containe Investigations to investigate Autopsy. Autopsy flies down and a short exchange where Autopsy becomes suspicious of the woman and resolves to be even stealthier when returning home. He enters his apartment where Fuuten is hanging about. The two sit around the table and eat while Ralph tells Fuuten about his battle with Orka.

A few days pass and Ralph does his work and shows his employer the location of the ship wreck where he battled Orka. Ralph is offered potential further work. After that, Autopsy decides to patrol the city and notices that a freak ice storm is brewing. He decides to investiagte that and to leave the Goblins (a new gang that he believes may be connected to the Hobgoblin) for another day. As he looks for the source of the unexplained storm and the temperature drops further and further, Autopsy decides to contact the Gaelic Guardian. When he does, he finds that the Gaelic Guardian is in battle with the Mummy Queen and two of her ice golems. Autopsy rushes to the scene of the battle and in a tense battle, is able to defeat the Mummy Queen at the final moments before her plan to steal the energy from Dublin is complete.

Ralph returns home and meets one of the tenants of his building, Cynthia Kent. Cynthia knows Fuuten as the sweet kid that lives with Ralph. She was on her way to check in on him when she ran into Ralph. After a short conversation, the two split ways and Ralph goes and teaches Fuuten Ancient Egyptian and they spend some quality time. While this is going on, Fuuten tells Ralph that Cynthia sometimes comes over and Fuuten lets her into the apartment to get her to cook lunch for him. Ralph feels a little guilty about this. Ralph also organizes a visit from his family. After a few more days, Ralph meets with his employees and talks to them about their assignments. He offers to set up Finn with his neighbor Cynthia.

Ralph does run into Cynthia, but the conversation doesn’t go as Ralph expects. He is asked out on a date that he accepts. Afterwards, he talks to Fuuten about what his powers are and they decide to test his powers. The demonstration of powers in Ralph’s apartment goes poorly and Fuuten destroys some stuff and runs through a wall. Cynthia, because of this, believes Fuuten might be a mutant. The next day, Fuuten and Ralph go to the Cork Academy to see if Fuuten can be enrolled there. Seth tells them Fuuten can’t go there because he’s only 6 and all of the other students are at least 12. That evening, Ralph goes on patrol and sees cars that have been broken into. A suspicious tow truck is going by and starts to hook up to a random car. The tow truck driver, when talked to by Autopsy, shoots him with a gas attack that makes him pass out.

Later, Autopsy wakes up in a steel and cement room. His arms pinned to the ground with power dampening manacles that are attached to cables. On the other side of the room is a glass window. The other wall has video displays that show video tapes of Ralph’s friends and loved ones. He looks back to the window where he sees a mysterious woman walk forward nearly into view. It’s the same woman from before.



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