Marvel Superheroes

London Times Issue 12
Issue 12

The 12th issue.

The London Times

Battle with Oberon and Pursuit of Ankrah
A New Excalibur Team is Formed
  • July 4th- July 18th 2016

Having had a period of rest and recovery, the heroes took care of some long neglected needs. First, BC made an appointment with Radhika Joshi to get a new suit made. The two had a friendly conversation, he then left and went to patrol. Checking on Madame Traylan, her shop is entirely gone. The store is missing with the address no longer being there at all. He also, purposefully avoids spending much time near the British Museum. Adam Jenson works as a security guard and the investigation into the missing lab goes on hold. Mr. Righteous interacts with the Battersea community, meeting a local police officer and the owner of “natural Remedies” a alternative medicine store. While all of this is going on, MI-13 and Excalibur sets up a test for potential new recruits to the team. The Excalibur team had made a decision to expand into two teams, Excalibur Blue and Red. The new team would have a tryout of available and interested heroes judged by the current members and a guest, Autopsy.

The day before the test, Oberon appeared. Walking around the park, when not allowed and being a former criminal that the police had made a deal with alerted Battersea’s neighborhood police who in turn alerted Mr. Righteous. Mr. Righteous came onto the scene and tried to stop Oberon from vandalizing the park’s grass, but he refused. When Mr. Righteous made a more forceful argument and tried to prevent Oberon from ignoring him, Oberon grappled him with an enormous vine. This signaled the start of the fight and though the incoming heroes, and there were many, tried to find out what Oberon wanted and end the fight without combat, they failed continuing to attack the arrogant king. Oberon told them that he was searching for Puck who had come to the United Kingdom and taken his form. Oberon also threw up a force field to push the heroes away and continued to draw his signs on the grass of the park. Ignoring the heroes. The heroes would have none of that and cicumnavigated the force field and made it inside. They battled Oberon more and were able to take down the powerful foe. As he was carted off and shackled the television crews arrived and filmed the arrest and interviewed the heroes. Stunning speeches all around and BC became an internet meme.

The next day, the heroes took the Excalibur test. Adam Jenson and BC were accepted immediately. Hawk was the next person welcomed into the group and finally, The new hero, ______ got in after much deliberation barely pushing out the Red Guardian for the position. Immediately after forming, the team rushed into battle accompanied by Autopsy and Hooded Brawler at the London University College Hospitals. There, Mago was protecting a young woman who was possessed by an evil demon called Darzash. Monsterous and demonic forces were attacking. The heroes were able to take down the demons and met with Mago. Information was exchanged and the heroes learned he was hunting Ankrah and had found her in Seoul.

The heroes headed to Seoul to investigate and found little. They did fight a few demons let loose, but then they returned home where they took care of some personal business while setting up the schedule for the new Excalibur team. BC took his first paycheck and gave it to his old friend Ralphie also setting him up with an apartment as well as inviting a few of his other homeless friends to live there as well. As Excalibur finished up their first week as a team, Mago contacted them all and said that they had a day to prepare as he had found Ankrah laying a trap for them in Italy. mr. Righteous being a law abiding citizen, contacted his government who got permission from Italy to send their national superhero team, Excalibur, into Italy to arrest Ankrah. As the portals opened revealing the path to a forested space near the secluded Italian village, our story came to an end for the day.

London Times Issue 11
Issue 11

This is the final of the newspapers from the end of the Darksiders Arc

The London Times

London Times Issue 10
Issue 10

Here is the 10th issue of the London Times.

The London Times

London Times Issue 9
Issue 9

Heres issue 9. Two more to come before next session. The Herald issue 5 is up too.

The London Times

The Unstoppable Dreadnoughts
Robots Vs. Superhumans
  • April 20th-July 3rd, 2016

The heroes began with the run in with the police from the parts of Wyvern and B.C. Wyvern surrendered herself and went to jail. While in jail, B.C. started to hatch a plot to break her out. Before that could happen, Excalibur, primarily Mr. Righteous, and B.C. took the fight to the Glockners at their Ruby Games. Defeating the games quickly, the Glockner’s found out that Excalibur was present and ditched the place before the heroes could get much out of it. Though Mr. Righteous was able to get his pockets picked by B.C. who proceeded to use the identity of Mr. Righteous to break Wyvern out of jail.

While Wyvern was in jail, her mother visited. Wyvern proclaims she was just a trophy because of some unknown reason and claimed her mother never loved her. The wounded woman who took Nadia in from the gutter, raised her for years, educated her, and brought her back from the dead left. Then, Nadia met Mephisto who offered to fix her mistakes in return for her soul. She refused thinking she could get more out of the devil and that he didn’t actually want her soul. Getting a one hour period to think about it, she returned to Earth. Where B.C. broke her out. They escaped to eastern England where Excalibur and the police pursued them. Nearly home free, B.C. helps disguise them and they make their way to the nearest city. There, Wyvern decides to bargain with the devil. Despite the protests of the lord of hell that he did in fact want her soul and that no deal would be made without it, Wyvern tries to renegotiate the contract. Annoyed and proclaiming that she would end up in his hands eventually, Mephisto sends her back to prison. Where she escapes again.

On the run, Wyvern eventually gives up and contacts Ankrah. Deciding that working with her was the best place for her. Returning to say goodbye, Wyvern completes her turn to evil by blasting the friendly and helpful Mr. Righteous. Though the heroes are able to take Wyvern down, Ankrah intervenes and saves the girl. Depressed and downtrodden, the heroes limp into the coming days. When suddenly a number of events occur simultaneously.

This final battle, saw SHIELD pulled away by the revelation of Soviets infiltrate the Glockners. The villains shut down communications to prevent a rapid response from EDI. Staged an incident in Cork to draw Captain Britain and Meggan away. Created a plan to get BC and HHB in a fist fight on a boat. Ignored Wyvern because she turned evil and sent Adam Jenson to an alternate dimension. Excalibur was called to Leeds because of a ploy thereThen fought a massive gang war with Dreadnoughts and superhumans in downtown London. The Goblins won and reign supreme in the post-war aftermath though their presence is nowhere to be found. The gang controlling the streets and helping with rebuilding and stabilization are a new group. One other event happened, one of the bad guys released a demon in downtown that was defeated by EDI. This all occurred in May. The month of June was a period of rest and rebuilding. Little happened though the heroes took stock and made adjustments.

London Times Issue 7
Issue 7

Here’s the link to the 7th issue of the London Times. Take a look. This was supposed to be before the last session, but I did not finish it before then.

The London Times

Senseless Violence
"Now, I am become death"
  • April 9th, 2016 – April 19th, 2016

The heroes began their journey with a regular Sunday. The police presence in London was still immense and though disheartened, they resolved to protect the city further. They began with Mr. Righteous taking a journey through Excalibur Tower and meeting with Lionheart. She gave him information on gang-related activities, but his presence annoyed her enough that she sent him away.

Meanwhile, the other heroes pursued their own lives, Wyvern investigated the doctor, Otto Gunther, that supposedly had saved her. And though the name appeared on the hospital incident report, she was unable to find any nuclear scientists with that name.

B.C. left prison to the jeers of other prisoners and patrolled. Adam Jenson faced the disappearance of an entire lab of Timely Robotics. Two of the security guards on duty were killed. Adam Jenson also told his fellow secruity guards he was a superhero.

Patrols during the early days turned up something unusual, mentions of a “Ruby Games” held by the Glockner’s. The heroes investigated it further. While patrolling and trying to find out more about these games, the heroes see an explosion wrack the helicarrier. They go to investigate and fight the Supreme Soviets! Apparently, Count Nefaria is there as well. A fog covers the top of the helicarrier that causes most of the heroes to forget their mission as the Soviets escape, but not before taking down B.C. B.C. was punched through the helicarrier and as he fell, was caught and rescued by Lionheart.

In the aftermath of the battle, B.C. was the only one who remembered anything about the fight. And all other evidence was destroyed of the Soviet attack. Excalibur intended to investigate it. B.C. feeling depressed and useless, left the building to go on patrol, but being seriously injured and without body armor, was shot by some random criminals and nearly died again. His stone body shut down and he believed he died, but the next day, he revived.

From there, the heroes continued their everyday lives until the next week where an enormous gang war broke out between three of the remaining gangs. Wyvern, being herself and having learned nothing about senseless violence, lept into action attempting to prove how powerful she is. She attacked the super villains working for the gangs and battled them as the gangs fought amongst themselves from inside of cordoned police zone. The other heroes lept into the action themselves. Quick successes were the rule of the day for the heroes and they were able to defeat The Eel quickly. Wyvern murdered Feyhunter in an enormous fiery explosion of explosive fire power greater than that of a volcanic eruption along with the tops of two inhabited buildings. While B.C. and Union Jack worked to save the other people in the burning buildings, the rest of the heroes fought the gang supervillains. Poor matchups abound and the heroes struggled. First, Mr.Righteous fell. Then Wyvern. Union Jack and B.C. after rescuing the people from the fire, went in search of their friends. B.C. saved Wyvern and Union Jack went hunting for the Kidnapped Mr. Righteous who was whisked away by an A.C.E droid. B.C. told Adam Jenson to flee, but Adam Jenson chose to stay and fight. He fights on against all three A.C.E. droids, Phantom Watcher, and Granolith, and loses. He is also taken by an A.C.E. droid.

The next day, Adam Jenson and Mr. Righteous wake up in an nondescript apartment buidling. Perfectly fine and with their gear still intact. They are suspicious and go to Excalibur base for a checkup, but turn out to be perfectly fine. Confused, they go back to their daily heroics. Meanwhile, B.C. waits with Wyvern at the hospital. While the news lambasts her, thanks to SHIELD surveilance, for killing 15 people and injuring critically injuring another two dozen. The final thing the heroes find out about is the location and time of the Glockner hosted Ruby Games.

Big Brother's Watching
The Ram Ate his Ham
  • March 13th – April 9th 2016

Stuff happened. London is a police state with an enormous police and SHIELD presence. The gangs have gone underground. Tempest, Dr. Rackete, and Magnetite are in town for various reasons.

The fallout of the Mandroid heist. Including the partial return of some of the Mandroid suits. Thanks to a back-up plan put in place by the police and Stark Industries. Count Nefaria has left for other locations Started investigating the gangs.

The heroes beat up the Ram. He proved to be surprisingly difficult.

Firecat robs the remnants of the Castra Nostra and practices her powers. The whole heist goes off really well and she doesn’t even get shot.

Mr. Righteous is on Excalibur, He interacts some with the heroes there while still protecting Battersea. He makes a point of demontrating his reading ability.

Discovery and frustrations in investigations. B.C. infiltrates the Triads and when he takes his chance to capture the lieutenants, but it is a miserable failure.

Miranda Prospero’s hunt for her father. Frank Prospero, real name Franco Prospero. He turned out to be a member of the Castra Nostra who tried to get out of the life. Throws her real name around and her superpowers around along with her backstory. Resulting in the Maggia threatening to kill her family unless she worked for them. She contacted B.C., but got cold feet and decided not to let him on it. B.C. ended up arrested when he assaulted the manager

Wyvern/Firecat/Nadia/Scorpion finds out about the man that rescued her. He was a doctor that her mother knew. Dr. Otto Gunther an American nuclear scientist.

Ninjas blackmail Miranda into killing a man. Powerful ninjas with names and unique costumes. She kills him, he’s a member of the Turkish Firm. One of their lieutenants.

BC and Mirdana go to jail. B.C. goes to jail to try to protect Miranda from the threats. Miranda for killing a man. She kills a higher up in the Turkish firm on the Maggia’s command. Miranda starts to think about ratting out the Maggia and their forces, but her lawyer is killed and the prisoners are send ominous messages that they do not remember.

BC gets out of jail when his case goes forward and when the police find out that the manager is a member of the Maggia.

The heroes wipe out the Acolytes with the police. Though Ankrah escapes. A fight with Dragon King occurs.


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