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Marvel Superheroes: A What If Story

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The date is…. September 4th, 2014. Last time we were on Earth that is. We’ve fallen behind the current date. The adventures occur at the same time in the real world and game world till War in an All New Dimension. After that, I’ve added dates to them.

After the adventures on the Emerald Isle, the troubles in Tokyo, and the demons in the Queen City, we’ve moved off planet to the harrowing feats of some misplaced Earthlings. Deep in the Andromeda Galaxy we find out new heroes on the run from the Skrull Empire back to their the crystal blue gem of the Milky Way, Earth! A series of seemingly unrelated adventures in locales spanning the distance of light years are slowly coalescing into what seems to be a threat against the entire universe. Will our heroes survive!? The excitement here never ends; so I wonder, what will our heroes do next?